Buenos Aires-based comedy director Camila Zapiola has joined Plaza for representation across Australia and New Zealand.

Zapiola has already won two Cannes Lions and has just finished her first two UK projects. Camila began her career as a theater writer and director in Buenos Aires and after graduating from Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, began directing commercials. She quickly established her unique style of performance-based humor working with clients such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Domino’s and TEDX.

Since her success at Cannes last year, she has completed two campaigns in the UK for Citroën through Havas, and Sixt through AndRising.

“I’m super excited to have the opportunity to start working in Australia & New Zealand – where they say there are some of the best actors and creative in the world,” said Camila. “For me, comedy is all about the realization of ideas through great performance. I believe Plaza & I will be able to create great work together.”- Advertisement –

“As soon as we saw Camila’s work we wanted to sign her,” said Peter Masterton, executive producer, Plaza. “She is super talented, her work is both brilliantly funny and beautifully realized. She speaks four languages fluently so no doubt Australian will become her fifth. I can’t believe she’s only 27, what a future she has.”

You can view a selection of Camila’s work here.